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Our Services

41 North with its deep resources, sector knowledge & ongoing conversations with industry strategic and financial investors will benefit you & your company as you explore a capital raise or potential sale of your company.

  • Sell-Side Advisory

  • Buy-Side Advisory

  • MBOs/LBOs

  • Divestitures

  • Recapitalizations

Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate Finance

  • Equity

  • Convertible Securities

  • Subordinate Debt

  • Bank and Non-Bank Senior Debt

Valuation / Pre Mergers & Acquisition Advisory

  • Business Valuations, beyond the standard with real live market feedback

  • Identify key value drivers and strategy to emphasize them

  • Uncover aspects of the business that may negatively impact value and assist in correcting

  • Lost profits / Business interruption

  • Intangible and IP valuations

Timeline & Process

Phase 1

Weeks 1-4

Preparing the Information 

  • Information Gathering

  • Price Validation

  • Preparation of information memorandum

  • Identify list of potential investors (through proprietary network, Capital IQ, Axial)

  • Initial blind surveying to gauge market perception


Phase 2

Weeks 5-9

Market the Company 

  • Present company to potential investors & distribute overview and memorandum

  • High touch contact (phone, email, and meetings)

  • Follow-up, stress selling points, and express fit into investor’s existing portfolio allowing for increased push in value & terms

  • Execute call for Indication of Interest (I.O.I.) to expedite offers

New York City

Phase 3

Weeks 10-12

Submission of Interim Proposals: 

  • Receive written indications of interest, review and advise the owner on offers

  • Moving both buyers through the submission process in synchronicity

  • Schedule management meetings, while being selective and confidential

  • Manage and organize initial due diligence process and information requests


Phase 4

Due Diligence and Final Proposals: 

  • Request Letters of Intent (L.O.I) and move to a stock or asset purchase agreement

  • Distribute draft agreements to team and seek input

  • Negotiate Letters of Intent and agreements

Weeks 12-15


Phase 5

Weeks 15-26

Final Negotiation and Closing: 

  • Review and evaluate final offers

  • Negotiate with final bidders

  • Work closely with CPAs and Attorneys for due diligence and final definitive agreement

  • Work closely with counsel on the purchase agreement and the deal points including value, terms, representations and warranties

  • Close the transaction – Signatures, Stock or Asset transfer, wires coordination


41 North strives to tailor our M&A process to your company’s specific characteristics and needs. All companies are unique from one another, and each investment process should reflect their individuality.

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