What We Represent

Latitude 41 degrees North, refers to the navigable waters from Montauk, at the northern tip of the Long Island, New York, to the upper arm of Cape Cod Massachusetts. These waters provide yachtsmen some of the best sailing and boating in the world. While many days they yield calm waters and gentle breezes, they quickly can turn to often dangerous and challenging conditions from shifting shoals and hidden obstructions to thick fog and white, caped seas. Few individuals are suited to navigate through such conditions.

The New World in the Financing Markets

What financial conditions are you and your company currently facing on the horizon? 41 North Advisors was born out of the fact that our world's financial conditions and seascape are constantly changing. Traditional sources of capital in many cases may no longer be available to satisfy growing businesses’ needs. Whether it is to grow your business to the next level, fund production and marketing or quietly explore an exit or a financial partner, 41 North Advisors has the experience, network and the expertise to guide you where you want to be.

Financial Advice We Provide You

  • Advice on company capital structure
  • Positioning your company to raise capital
  • Raising growth capital or working capital
  • Exploring liquidity options - Financial and Strategic
  • Long term senior or junior debt
  • Equity partnering both minority or majority

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